Saturday, December 29, 2012

A New Year

Every year many of us set New Years Resolutions.  We list those things that we think will make us better human beings.  I admit it, I make one every year!  I am very lucky to have an amazing and talented husband who is an a Classically Trained Executive Chef.  You can find out more about him here.  I am a special education teacher that takes on way more than I should.  I love what I do.. and I don't stop!  You can find more about me here.

My husband and I sat down this morning and created a goals list.  We have each in passing shared our goals with each other, but never had them written down.  This blog is going to be the story of the goals that we each have, how we are reaching them, and our overall adventures.  Of course there will be LOTS of pictures (as one of my goals is to do the 365 challenge!)

This weekend (December 29-December 31,2012) I will be creating a Vision/Goal Board.  If you found this blog on a whim, welcome.. if you found this because you are family or friends.. we welcome you too!

Happy Goal Setting!

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