Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Updating Adventures

So, I am sure that you are wondering how all of our goal setting has gone.. did we give up after the first month.. did we trudge along.. do we even look at the goal board?

Well, we didn't give up.. there were times that we trudged (don't we all) but I looked at the goal board EVERY day!

The Chef has been rocking it as the amazing Executive Chef at Blazes Sports Grill in Arlington.  I just finished my 11th year of teaching.

It was so refreshing to write down our goals and actually keep track of them.
Couple of goals we have already accomplished (or for now)
-The Chef is working at a job that is appreciating who he is
-We have gotten to a better spot on bills
-I was offered a job as an Instructional Technology Specialist

Well, my first confession... I failed at the 365 photo challenge!  Now, that doesn't mean that I have not taken a ton pictures (you can find me on instagram, twitter, and facebook)

I did want to share more openly about losing weight and why I wanted to.  Please feel free to stop here if you like (a little tmi).. I have lost weight.. 26.2 pounds so far!

One of my main goals was to lose weight.  I am sure that no one has ever had that goal.  I have blogged more about it here  Now.. are you ready for a confession.  I wanted to lose weight for several reasons.  One it gave me something that I could be in control of.. when everything gets so crazy!  Second.. I have PCOS (polycistic ovarian syndrome)  Having PCOS affects so many parts of my life that include losing weight (and keeping it off), irregular cycles, and most importantly getting pregnant.  My husband and I have tried for many years to start a family.  About seven years ago we went through treatment that included medicine, injections and was about to lead to surgery.  At that time we knew we needed to stop at surgery.

Left March 2012/Right May 2013

So, we never did anything to stop getting pregnant, but we didn't do any more.  Well.. I have lost some weight (26.2 pounds so far!) and because I have cut back on my sugars and other super processed food and my body has been reacting more appropriately.  Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment.  It is a regular well woman visit, but it is one that I am excited about.  No, I am not pregnant.  I am, however, going to talk with my doctor about what I might be able to do to get pregnant.  Dealing with infertility issues is a very tough road.. and one that I would not want to wish on anyone.  I am hoping that since I have lost weight, have gained more control in my monthly cycles and am just overall doing better that my body will respond to medication.

So, if you have read this far.. think good thoughts for me tomorrow.  We have been on many adventures and I already know the stress that looking into infertility treatment can bring.. but I know that I am in a much better place emotionally and physically!


  1. 26.2 - you've lost a marathon!

    Good luck with the doctor visit. I hope he/she has good news and realistic suggestions for you.

  2. Here's to great news coming your way!

  3. I just read your blog post! I don't think it's TMI, I think it's cool that you share! I am sending good thoughts your way!!!!!!