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As I read back over this blog.. I realize it is a little one sided.  I have several blogs, but I have decided I am going to have this blog for more personal posts.  Being on any type of journey is hard and sharing a story is so very important.  Feel free to follow along these adventures (as you read along.. please remember this is a place for me to share our journey.. and there might be TMI sometimes!)

In my last blog I posted that I have lost some weight and that I was heading to the doctor to talk about options to start a family.

Photo by Amber Wallace

William and I married on June 17, 2005.  Just a short year later we started the journey to become parents.  I was diagnosed with PCOS and the dr. that I was seeing put me on 6 months of clomid... and never checked me out.  I was heartbroken when I didn't get pregnant, and then so very angry when I started doing my own research (no.. I am not a dr. but once you start TTC you learn a ton about the reproductive system! Being on clomid for this long and never being checked was not only a waste of money.. but also not good for my body!)  I then started going to a real infertility specialist.  I started again with the clomid, lowest dose.. and had sonograms.  Nothing.. not only nothing.. but I was having to take medicine to start my period, and then taking meds to help grow those follicles.  After being with this new dr. for about 6 months (and he was amazing!) he recommended that I have Ovarian Drilling.  This is where my husband and I decided to stop for the time being.  

In January I started on a real weigh loss mission.. and lost over 25 pounds.  What was even more exciting is that I was regular (something that I haven't ever really had!)  I decided it was time to visit the dr.  First of all.. he was impressed that I had lost so much weight.  We made a plan.

On 8/12 I went back to the dr. for a sonogram.  I had been on the lowest dose of clomid.  Guess what.. I had follicles grow!  In the past.. with the lowest dose of clomid.. it didn't do anything!  The follicles were not the size they needed to be.. but I had follicles! So, next month we are going for a larger dose.  (I am also taking metformin, dexamethasone and clomid)

Although I lost weight last year.. I have a confession.  I gained almost 9 pounds this summer.  I was so very lazy.  So to start the school year off I chose to sign up for a DietBet

Here's to new adventures in all areas!  

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