Monday, October 14, 2013


I decided to name this post #TTCsisters (trying to conceive), because it is my favorite uplifting hashtag on instagram. I have several instagram accounts.. and my private weight loss/TTC is the one I go to get motivated to stay on track with losing weight.. and where I go to when I need to be around others that understand the toughness of infertility.

This past week I went to the Dr. for a third time.  We went through the month with 50mg of clomid.. and had some progress.  The second month at 100mg of clomid I actually had a follicle the size that was needed!  I did not get pregnant, but my Dr. decided to up my clomid to 150mg.  I scheduled my sonogram for last Thursday and went in.  This was a fairly disheartening visit.  I had some growth, but not what was needed.  I am going to chalk this up to the stress of some home stuff that is going on (nothing we can't overcome.. but stress none the less) and I was sick.    Since starting school I have also not been as good about staying on track with eating well.
Found this awesome blog, and this pretty much sums it up!  Thanks Lovely Little Life
This next month I will be trying fermara and getting back on track with getting out and moving!  Sending lots of #babydust and love to all my #pcossisters and #ttcsisters

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