Thursday, December 26, 2013

Vision/Goal Board Recap

It has been almost 2 months since I posted a blog here (I do have several other blogs that I keep up with) But this blog I keep for my more personal journey.  I have been a little down this Christmas season.  Not because I don't have everything that I could want, I have a roof over my head, I have a lovely family, and amazing friends.... but it is still hard.  I love all of the pictures of the families celebrating Christmas, opening presents on Christmas morning, and just the pure joy of a child's face on Christmas (or any day for that matter)
I have the coolest parents ever!
This year my parents came down for the second time to play Texas Santa and Mrs. Claus at the Fort Worth Stockyards.

But as I watched my amazing parents interact with the various kiddos and families my heart hurt a little bit.  I wanted to be the parent watching their child have wonder and joy in their eyes as they met Santa.  I really thought this would be my year.  

But, enough of the pity party (well.. I know I will have more)

I looked back at my Vision board and realized how far my husband and I have come even with the tough times we face every year!

A few highlights-
-Become an Instructional Technology Specialist or Assistive Technology Specialist---- check!  I am an Instructional Technology Specialist at my elementary school this year
-Not open any credit cards for the year---check!  Not only that.. but we also have not spent any money on credit cards this year!  HUGE accomplishment
-Lose weight- I started last year at 220.2 and got below 199 this last summer.  I started a new job and started medicine to get pregnant and snuck back up to 208.8 (not pleased with this at all.. 11.4 pounds in one year---so a semi check?  Today I purchased new work out clothes and a new leash for the puppy!
-Keep money in our savings account--- check! This has been one of my proudest goals to complete :)

Everyone has their own journey and their own trials.  Each year hubby and I face hardships.  They might not be like other families, but they are ones that keep us on our toes none the less. 

I look forward to working on my new vision board this weekend with new goals.  Have you set goals?  Do you have a vision for yourself?  Do you revisit the goals that you have set?

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